Personalised discovery classes

Here are the activities we propose.

In the actual premises, you could do all sorts of games (rounders, Kin ball, treetop climbing circuit, ...), treasure hunting. Certain workshops can be done as well (the facilitators of the school of the wind could move in different directions, a mobile structure for climbing...)

costette colonnie classe découverte personnalisée 2024


1. Treetop climbing circuit
2. Orientation course
3. Ski
4. Canine-pulled sled
5. Mountain biking
6. Climbing
7. Via Ferrata
8. Horse-riding
9. Sailing
10. Fishing

costette colonnie classe découverte personnalisée 2024
costette colonnie classe découverte personnalisée 2024


• Walk in the forest
• Observation of the place/changes due to the seasons
2.The plateau
• Discover the sucs
• Landscape reading
3.Water course
• Observation of living things near water and in the water
• Visit to a pedagogic farm
• Fromagerie
5.Making herbarium or animal index cards after a walk.
7.The volcanoes (specialists from the Centre des Amis Haroun Tazieff at Fay sur Lignon)

costette colonnie classe découverte personnalisée 2024


Discovery of the riches of a heritage through traditional savoir-faire of Haute Loire, in the architecture (roofs made of flagstones, thatched roofs) in textiles (weaver, lace maker and clog maker) in the gastronomie (cheese, charcuterie, fin gras of Mezence AOP.

1. Flour mill
2. Villages known for their thatched roofs at Bigorre (ecomuseum) and Moudeyre (Perrel brothers' farm).
3. Visit to Lac Bleu.
4. Visit to the lace museum of Retournac.
5. Visit to a distillery.
6. Meet up with a cheesemaker and a clog maker Lou Ventor.
7. Visit to the museum of Fin Gras at Chaudeyrolles and Visite du musée du Fin Gras à Chaudeyrolles et exterior path which is narrated
8. Beeyard of Saint Voy
9. Ancient school( Monastier sur Gazeille)
10. School of the wind (visit to a wind farm, presentations on the properties of wind, workshop on kite-making, wind rose ...)
11. Soap factory of Velay
12. Tour of the of the memory and museum of the resistance
13. The train: the Velay Express

costette colonnie classe découverte personnalisée 2024

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