Nearby places too visit

Visits that are accessible by foot from La Costette

There are a great deal of things to see in Mazet Saint Voy, the village where La Costette is in:

Halle fermière mazet saint voy

La Halle Fermière

And there are the local products, for the food lovers...

Clog maker « Lou Ventor »

The clog maker Lou Ventor

With a demonstration of clog-making.
You can also visit the workshop, in particular the miniature reconstruction of all the agriculture tools from the past, an exquisite woodwork.

Honey factory « le Rucher de saint Voy»

The honey farm le Rucher de saint Voy

Plenty of products with honey, and of course, honeys of different types.

St Voy church from XIe siècle

The church of St Voy from the 11th century

The first traces of existent of a parish and a church dedicated to Saint Voy (Sancti Evodi) date back to 1021. The church of Saint Voy has kept many roman elements (porche, apse). The bell tower is a gothic addition. The parish was legally dependent on the Château de Bonnas at the foot of Le Lizieux which disappeared in 13th century. It became Reformed Protestant and it still is until today. Seeing this monument is a must.

Un peu plus loin

Villages Bigorre et Moudeyres

At 26 km, discover two villages known for their thatched roofs, Bigorre et Moudeyre.

Bigorre is situated in high altitude and offers a magnificent view of the volcanoes of the region. There, you can also visit an eco-museum. At Moudeyres, as well as the pretty petite houses, an ancient farm has been reconstructed, the farm of the Perrel brothers, a journey to the past that will impress that young and the old.

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Castels close to the Costette

Within a radius of 50 km, there are numerous castles that can be visited

Chavaniac-Lafayette and Lavoûte Polignac are two of the most stunning.

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Le puy en velay

At 39 km, there is the magnificent city of Le Puy en Velay.

Important place of catholicism, it shelters a large number of churches and cathedrals, one of which is the Notre Dame du Puy, perched on a rock, it is one of the most majestuous. The monastery which has been classed as a historic moment since 1860 is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. Le Puy en Velay is on of the stops for the pilgrimage of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. In terms of speciality, the city is well-known for its lace. In the little paved alleyways, it's not surprising to to come across lacemakers with their tiles and the rattling of their spindles. The Lace Learning Centre at Fuseau offers expositions of their most beautiful creations from the past and from today. A must see is also the museum of Crozatier which is in the Henri Vinay garden, built during the second half of the 19th century. The collections date back to the beginning of the 19th century, are very diverse and broad-ranging. They are presented in galleries dedicated to archeology, to beaux-arts, to ethnology and to lace-making, to paleontology and to natural sciences, to mechanics. After all these visits, you can try their local specialty which is of course the lentils of Le Puy!

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