Handicap stay

The centre of holidays LA COSTETTE is situated on the plateau of Haute Loire covered in daffodils in spring.
This exceptional spectacle offered to all has inspired us to name our Handicap Service Reception, open all year round for transfers, holidays, weekends or adapted sports.

Handicap Service Reception is welcome all year round

For transfer stays,

The centre of holiday LA COSTETTE presents its unique operation in part due to the different services offered by the disabled people of l'ESAT, in which is a place for them to express their capacity at work and at a social level.

Kévin, hospitality manager at LA COSTETTE, is at your disposition to plan and prepare your stay. He will inform you of the activities organized in the centre, in the exterior of the centre, in the multi-purpose Garay hall. He can advise you on the various touristic sites to visit.

Here, you will find the main activities that we offer, be it indoors or outdoors.
Kévin could look over with you particular questions concerning your stay.

The reception is entirely handicap-friendly. We have 6 rooms which are accessible to all degrees of handicap. All the levels of the centre are accessible by a lift.

Contact us to personnalise your accommodation package.

Activités d'extérieur

To Mazet Saint Voy

  • Fitness paths
  • Botanic paths
  • Botanic garden
  • Walks of half an hour to an hour, wheelchair-accessible
  • Pond fishing and visit to a mill

To Lizieux 1388m (4km):

  • Walks with ascent
  • Mountain bike trail

To Mézenc 1753m (40km):

  • Walks with ascent
  • Paragliding
  • Walks with dogs

To Chambon Sur Lignon (6 km):

  • Horseriding
  • Swimming in an indoor pool
  • Visit to the Remembrance walk (taking in of jewish people during the last war)

To the lake of Devesset or to the Lavalette dam (15km) :

  • Bathing
  • Sailing, canoeing or kayaking

To Lac bleu (10km)

  • Visit a slate museum and walk around the lake

To Bigorre or to Moudeyres (30km)

  • Visit a village with thatched roofs

Le Puy en Velay and its agglomeration (45km)

  • Visit the city, by foot or by a little train
  • Lace museum and castles

To Fay sur Lignon (12km)

  • Visit to a honey farm

To Saint Agrève (15km)

  • Visit to a wind turbine park

To Saint Clément (20km)

  • Observing wind turbines and a panoramic view

Indoor activities

At La Costette

  • In the game room: games of skill: Hockey du Plateau, Mazetou, Palet du Lizieux, Billard Auvergnat, Jeu des 4 portes, Pousse jeton
  • In the courtyard: table tennis and fuss ball table
  • In the television room: Movie nights with the sound system
  • In the library: Comic book night
  • In the theatre: theatre, dance, puppetshow, etc
  • In the dining hall: game night of card games and board games

In the Garay hall, 50 m from the main building

  • Gymnastique
  • Ball games
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Shows, concerts
sled dogs à la costette

Activities with snow

To Lizieux or to Mezenc

  • Snowshoeing
  • Sleigh rides pulled by dogs
  • Cross country skiing

To Mézenc

  • Ski slopes

At La Costette

  • Sledge

Accommodation of unique excellence

At Mazet Saint Voy

  • Visit CAT/ESAT Les Amis du Plateau
  • Vist the Remembrance walk at Chambon S/ Lignon (taking in of the jewish people during the last war)

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    The centre of holidays LA COSTETTE is situated on the plateau of Haute Loire covered in daffodils in spring.
    The centre of holidays LA COSTETTE is situated on the plateau of Haute Loire covered in daffodils in spring.