Brand new La Costette

The concern of respect for the nature is bigger than ever.
The criteria of comfort in terms of hotel restaurant management have evolved.
Taking into account the needs of accessibility for handicapped people is urgent.

For all these reasons, it was important to undertake renovations to allow La Costette to continue its vocation of accommodation. The renovation was completed in 2021.


Renovation Project for the Holiday Centre of La Costette 3rd and last installment of construction. This operation is co-financed by the EU as part of EU Agriculture Funds for Rural development (FEADER): Europe invests in rural zones.

Our project of rehabilitation was based on three axis:


Find a function which is simple and efficient of the building while reconsidering the comfort and aesthetic aspects. Taking into account the reception of visitors with reduced mobility or with visual or hearing difficulties.

Environmental quality and energy savings

Putting into place technical solutions which allows energy to be saved: thermal isolation, new exterior carpentry.
Using non pollutant materials: non solvent paint, natural materials.
Entrusting the labour to local businesses.

Comfort and pleasure

Offering a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place which is also fun: sauna, fireplace, movie room, Internet.