Lakes near La Costette

La Costette is surrounded by numerous bodies of water.

Blue lake of Lauzière

At 13 km, Lac bleu and its miniature park of slate

It is an ancient slate of quarry. The workers, forced to dig the earth to remove a reflective stone, hit an underground water source which filled the cavity in which they laboured. It is why Lac bleu has its distinctive turquoise colour, because of the famous stone, slate which reflects shades of blue. This site is a must to see, particularly since two stone-cutters have reconstructed in miniature versions of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the region.

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Barrage of La Valette

At 14 km, there is the dam of Lavalette

An of 220 hectares with pedestrian paths, mountain bike trails, sailing and its ground sport.

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Saint Front Lake

At 19 km, there is also the lac of Saint-Front

It's a natural lake which resulted from volcanic activity. It is an ancient crater dating back to the Tertiary period. Situated at 1236 metres in altitude, it's a pretty decent excursion for the warm months of summer. The GR 40 passes through this lake and has no touristic facilities, ideal for a quiet walk surrounded by pleasant flora and fauna. Swimming is officially banned, even if a lot go in to dip their feet, but a small picnic on the shore is totally allowed and encouraged.

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Lake of Devesset

At 19 km, you will find the lake of Devesset

Body of water with a surface are of 48 hectares. Leisure centre of the Sailing School in a remarkable area.

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